This is JackRAWvideo

Our Kind of Sleaze

We specialise is the sleazier side of gay sex. Our content is often described as 'Extreme Sleaze' and regularly features themes such as chems, slamming, piss play, scat, neo-nazi skinhead violence, K9, equine, fisting, autoerotic asphyxiation, poz conversion, BDSM, blood slamming, CBT etc. Always raw. We won't do kids or corpses, that's our limits.  

We're different. Here's how.

Technically, JackRAWvideo is not like the traditional, mainstream pornographic studio such as Treasure Island, TitanMen etc. We are a 'virtual' studio which produces videos in a similar way, but derives its revenue in a different manner.

The demand for mainstream studio output is steadily decreasing as output from other sources is on the rise.
JackRAWvideo was established to enable collaborations between individuals who would usually produce and sell what used to be considered as amateur video output, bringing them together allowing them to work in a professional environment as well as introducing them to more established individuals from the industry. We are also proud to introduce new talent.

We source, audition and market our talent. We arrange film shoots with our models and direct/film the productions as with any other studio. We edit and produce the final film plus trailers. However, we do not pay our models. Instead we supply a professionally edited copy of the finished video and trailers to each of the models who appear on that particular video.

Those models are then free to use it how they wish to earn revenue. Most will already have a streaming service set up, such as Onlyfans or Justforfans to which they can just upload the content provided by JackRAWvideo and receive revenue from it.

Models who do not have this in place will be assisted to set it up by our team. It can all be done simply via a smartphone.

It's a very simple model which works extremely well and is a breath of fresh air for the industry which has been stagnant for too long.

This model of the 'virtual studio' where no single person or organisation holds the distribution rights to the output allows us to push the boundaries of what the industry sees as acceptable and produce more risque content without the fear of censorship. Risque content of this nature is in great demand, but availability is low.

Our market researchers provide us with information relating to trends, requests and pornography subject searches which enable our producers to plan the themes of our content accordingly ensuring that our output is what is wanted by the audience.  

When our models are offered a role in a JackRAWvideo production they have the opportunity to decline participation for whatever reason they have; co-stars, theme, location etc.


Your Audition

The Audition Format

 Audition takes the form of:  

• Face to face chat
• Still photos taken
• Filmed solo performance - 20 mins

What you do for your solo performance is up to you. It's an opportunity for you to show your skills as a performer by satisfying yourself in front of the camera.
Imagine people are watching you pleasure yourself to completion. It will show to us how natural you are in front of a camera and cameraman/director. You may wear anything you like; leather, erotic underwear, jockstrap etc and the use of toys is highly recommended.
You can be high for the audition and you may slam on camera at the start of the audition if you wish.
The performance *must* end with you naked and reaching a climax a good cumshot  is the desired outcome. The camera will stop at exactly 20 mins.

There will be no interaction with your auditioner and no other person will be involved.   

We have chosen this audition process for a number of reasons: 

1. It's the same audition for all models whether they are top/bttm/vers.  

2. It shows an aptitude to perform, but without having to concentrate on someone else 

3. Our Talent Acquisition Team often do 3 or 4 auditions per day. If the audition included sex... well you get the idea.  

Why audition at home?

We like to visit our models in their own home for their audition. It keeps them relaxed in order for them to perform well in a comfortable environment. 

We find most of our models may have had a visitor or two to their bedroom in the past anyway. 

Our audition team usually work within the Greater London area. Potential models from outside this location or who cannot accommodate a home visit can provide an alternative location (hotel, friend's house, AirBnB etc) or in certain circumstances can perform their audition via Skype.


Model Application

Complete our confidential online application form, upload your portfolio of photos and if we like what we see we will contact you to arrange an audition.

Bareback (Raw) Sex and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

We don't monitor the sexual health of our models. They should all be adult enough  

to deal with that themselves. 

Whilst as in normal life we encourage regular testing for sexually transmitted diseases, we do not insist on it. 

All sexual activity is bareback as it should be.